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To create brand 'Singapore Slammers' by getting Singaporeans
to rally around a tennis team playing in the International Premier
Tennis League (18th December — 20th December 2015).


Create #SlammersNation 'tribe' for all Singaporean tennis fans
to belong to.

All campaign communications — images, collateral, ads etc —
to popularise 'tribe' name & by extension team members.

Create on-ground awareness & digital engagement to drive
ticket sales for the three-day event.


Interacting with players on Twitter, Facebook and all relevant tennis

Targeted ads on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google with regards
to ticket sales as well as #SlammersNation awareness.

Programmatic ads with feedback/surveys to determine repeat exposure.

Season-long content based updates on all social channels with engagement
from all team members.

Strategic media buys across local Singapore commuter network
and branding at high visibility locations.

Merchandising and mascot activation across Singapore.

Slammers National Academy: Giving talented children from the Heartlands
an opportunity to learn and play the sport.

Making the game more accessible to underprivileged children.


Stadium ticket sales — 80% capacity as compared to 25% in 2014.

Champions of the International Premier Tennis League.

Deep engagement with all sponsors.

#SlammersNation identity was launched.

The Singapore Slammers Twitter account grew by 200% in terms of its followers over the season.

There were a total of 319 Million Social Media impressions - the second highest amongst all the teams.

#Slammers was the second most used hashtag after #IPTL.

1.3 million impressions & over 200,000 views on YouTube for all Singapore Slammers video content.